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What is ArcadeSold?

ArcadeSold connects buyers and sellers of entertainment equipment from around the world on a business to business platform. If you want to buy or sell amusement games, or you have equipment related to the arcade industry, then you are in the right place.

The Entertainment Industry Marketplace

Welcome to the FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Industry specific market place. The place for industry participants to buy, sell, or swap their equipment or locate services for their business.

This marketplace has been designed by Industry Professionals, so has been put together with the Out of Home Entertainment business in mind. 

If you are an owner of an amusement arcade, indoor theme park, bowling centre, laser tag, escape rooms, mini golf, or any other business that provides out of home entertainment to the community, then this is a great place for you.

Browse through the listings, and of  course post a listing yourself - this marketplace will help you with your equipment rotation requirements, helping you deliver fresh product to your guests.

We thank you for your support, and we encourage your feedback to make this a better place for you.

How Did ArcadeSold come to life?

ArcadeSold was developed to provide an outlet for owners and operators of Arcades, Amusement Parks, Bowling Centers, Pool Halls, Laser Tag Locations, Indoor Theme Parks and anyone else that make use of interactive games or simulators in their business operations. 

ArcadeSold was developed for operators that are keen to maintain good equipment rotation in their businesses. An easy way to locate equipment that could be in the same city, or on the other side of the planet.

As industry professionals we understand the importance of equipment rotation and having run the miles of buying and selling equipment, we understand the unique challenges involved. 

We understand the tedious task of contacting your industry colleagues one by one to see if they are interested in buying or selling equipment.

This form of laborious contact is no longer required. Simply list your equipment - that's it. When posted, your listing is open to all marketplace members to see. And because ArcadeSold is only business to business you are only dealing with interested buyers who already know what they are looking for.

We have the unique understanding that previously, the only feasible way to buy and sell equipment was to contact people you already know, or to deal with wholesalers who would typically take a nice cut of the value of the equipment along the way. ArcadeSold opens your equipment up to thousands of operators from around the world.

We understand that keeping your stock fresh and rotating equipment is a fundamental requirement. 

We intend on keeping our listing fees simple and inexpensive. Don't be caught out selling your arcade games on eBay or the like, the % fees can really eat into your selling price.

Buy and Selling Arcade equipment has never been easier, and more profitable for the buyer and seller.

If you are looking to buy arcade machines in Australia, the USA, UK ArcadeSold is the place for you to start your search.

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