SOLD - 3 Door Ticket Eater

Small footprint

3 stations
Prints receipts

High quality tamper-proof thermal printers
Bar code security

Accurate and reliable 4-way bar code recognition
Smooth & fast operation

Gently takes first tickets, then ramps up to 13 tickets per second... 40% faster!
Holds over 250,000 sliced tickets

Bag-full sensor alerts staff to change bags.
Light on top indicates machine status to staff!

Password secured accounting.

Custom marquees available.

Self-cleaning (patent pending)

High-pressure air blast every 1000 tickets keeps optos dust-free
Fail-safe backup systems

independent computer system for each station
dual power supply units
Self destruct protection (patent pending)

Digital motors provide torque control auto shutdown & restart
Scissor cutter (patent pending)

Low-dust scissor cut
High capacity storage

Assembled Dimensions:

3 Sided Station - 84cm(L) x 92cm(W) x 192cm(H) 145Kg

For Public Sale: Yes Available to All Buyers
Qty Available: 1
Currency: AU
Taxes: Excluding Taxes (VAT, GST, etc)
Condition: Used - Good Condition