Compact 2 Door Ticket Eater

Printers included - not installed as we used e-tickets, but they are there and included.

Was previously set up for Intercard.

The Compact Ticket Station has all the clever features of the standard model and includes two 'Stations' in a tiny footprint at an attractive price.

Compact Ticket Station is Front & Back : has the ticket counter and printers on opposite sides of the cabinet, suitable for being placed in an aisle as an 'island' configuration.

Ticket Station quickly turns redemption tickets into secure thermal printed receipts saving you both time and money and helping you operate more efficiently. As tickets are inserted they are drawn in slowly and then the mechanism ramps up the speed to run at an optimum rate.

The Compact Ticket Station has a tiny footprint and comes with two ticket readers

Holding over a hundred thousand tickets inside the patented scissor-cutter quickly and cleanly cuts all tickets. A unique automatic self cleaning mechanism which keeps everything running smoothly using a high pressure blast of air to clean any dust particles from the reader and mechanism.

High tech digital motors provide torque control and auto shut-down features to protect against any damage if there's a problem and password protected accounting functions keep track of the number of tickets counted so that only you can reset the counter.

UDC supply secure printed thermal paper rolls to prevent customers from attempting to defraud you using printed receipts created elsewhere. Operators use the menu functions to customise the message printed on the receipt

All Ticket Station receipts are designed to work with the self contained Prize Station, also from Benchmark, which dispenses prizes to customers without needing a staffed prize counter.

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