9D VR Virtual reality cinema egg simulator

We have two sets of 9D VR Egg Cinema chair's (4 seats) that allows the player to watch a movie with an immersive experience. They wear a 3D headset and feel, wind blowing, air jet, leg tap, back poke, vibration and roller coaster movement, Comes with a good selection of rides. They will do well in an entertainment environment. The rides go for approx 2-3 minutes, we sold each ride for $10. They both have serviced compressors and computers in them. We purchased from China a few years ago. Please see the website. They are in good working order, just need a clean and a check over.

For Public Sale: Yes Available to All Buyers
Qty Available: 2
Currency: AU
Taxes: Inc Taxes (VAT GST etc)
Condition: Used - Good Condition
Coin Mechs Included: No