Want Better Online Bookings?

Discover a whole new world of online bookings with free set up offer and no minimum monthly fee.

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Ever wanted a booking system that actually works?

Want to take bookings while you sleep?

Would you like to get your staff off the phone and away from answering emails and provide exceptional service to your customers that are there in front of them waiting to be served?

An online booking platform is now available that will make birthday party and functions bookings as easily as it will take bookings for individual activities.

Have you longed for a customer to be able to book a single game of bowling, or a full birthday party using the one system? Well, now you can.

This is the perfect online booking system for family entertainment locations, bowling, laser tag, escape rooms and go-Kart tracks, trampoline parks, play centres, in fact any operation that would like to manage their capacity and maximise the down time should take a look. We can't recommend this system highly enough.

You might be interested to know that your setup is free, and there is no minimum monthly fee - click the link to make sure you get the offer!

For those in the Go-Kart business, integration with ClubSpeed already exists and many other integrations now in progress.

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Qty Available: 99
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Coin Mechs Included: No
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